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We’re getting organized and ready for GNL to come back on the air soon from Press Start Gaming Center. Get interactive with your weekly Game News cast here on Nerd Junkies.

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Game News Live

Quoted as “The most interactive video game news show on Twitch” by the fans. Clay, Joel and Terrance bring you the weekly game news of the most talked about topics around the web. New episodes are on the way, make sure you follow us on Twitch for live broadcast and be part of the show!

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We have placed our collection of full broadcast in a simple playlist. Watch the latest episode of Game News Live on YouTube!

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Our highlighted clips from various episodes of GNL. We’ve sectioned out our news clips for you to help out in finding a clip. Enjoy!

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We’ve gone to the most popular game and nerd events around. To prove it to you, we’ve built a collection of video clips for you to see. From booth babes to indie game developers. Check them out here and subscribe to us on YouTube. 

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Lt. Joe118

Lt. Joe118

Web Dev | Video Editor

First person kick ass, screw names type gamer with an emphasis on the PC Master Race lifestyle.



Host | Streamer

Game lore master in non-mainstream games. Look, until he updates this, you’ll get what the first guy thinks.



Co-Host | Streamer

The resident black guy, we needed to be more diverse, so… there you go. Enjoy the diversity!

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