The Return of Something Familiar…

I recently logged in after receiving ¬†an email that our WordPress website for Nerd Junkies was pending several updates. I don’t remember the last time I logged in to check on it and it has been relatively quiet on this site. Though from time to time, we still get the occasional, “When are you guys coming back?” or, “When is Game News Live returning”. Every time I read that, I think of how far we could have traveled under the NJ banner and how far we did get with the help of the community.

Nerd Junkies, in all honesty, started out as a half-baked, fun project for a few I.T. buddies to work on after our regular jobs. Like a lot of these type of projects, we never anticipated to get as far as we did and we also didn’t understand how much time it would take to keep it going,let alone continue growing it. Still, I feel like I should leave this here for old fans to come and read so that they knew what actually happened, why and where it is going.

First, the community was a huge driver for us the entire time we were doing this. From Melblueeyes watching our first every crappy 480P stream back when was actually a thing to traveling to California and getting into E3 with media passes with the help of all the views and hits we were getting to qualify for them. We made so many friends out of fans along the way and we enjoyed every second of it when we could. But during the peak of all this, life…uh… finds a way.

Truth is, when Clay and I first started this, we were bachelors doing diddly squat with our lives after work outside of “adulting”. We knew that we loved video games and had the technical know-how to present it in a great interactive way with all of our IT experience. From being some of the first casters with a giant green screen playing dancing games (in all our jiggly goodness) to eventually casting one of our most popular shows, Game News Live. We knew we wanted to do something fun and cool with all our tech and talent.

But as far as we made it, we also knew we couldn’t financially sustain it and our lives were changing. Clay and I were getting more and more responsibility in our careers. Schedules prevented us from doing consistent shows and our tech constantly needed to be fixed or upgraded with money we hardly had. Family always came first and boy was there several times that this derailed my own plans personally. Still, Nerd Junkies was always in the back of my mind trying to find time and resources to bring it back online.

Nerd Junkies Studio

Several attempts and planned efforts later, I knew I had to do this but I would have to start from scratch and alone. Clay is doing great and is happy doing what he’s doing. We chat and such on occasion but I know I couldn’t ask him or anyone to start something again without putting in a solid foundation and plan into place first. I acquired the permission from Clay to retain Nerd Junkies for myself and do whatever I wanted with it. I thought long and hard about where I wanted it to go and always came back to the original plan.

Still, my life has settled down and I am in a much better stable place. In a way, Nerd Junkies was a place from me to get away from the repeating drag of dealing with a life I did not agree with. Like games or books, it allowed me to be someone else and yet someone more like me without abandoning my responsibilities. But now I have to pay it forward for all the good that Nerd Junkies brought me and I want to include anyone and everyone who might be still listening. So without me being any more sappy about it all. I wanted to leave this here for anyone who always wanted to know and those who are still reading.

Thank you

Joel R.

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