Quick PC Tutorials – Chrome Remote Desktop

I can’t stress enough how complicated some remote programs are still in this day and age. From Microsoft Remote Desktop being included in their Windows OS but requiring you to configure router and PC settings that are basically under the hood. Then there’s TeamViewer, which requires a person to download a semi complicated installer that gives most of my beginner clients headache with all the questions.

Then there is Chrome Remote Desktop, which to be honest, ain’t that bad for what it offers. Light installer, simple to understand instructions and it already ties itself to the Google login and services that follow most Android and PC users around. Simply install the client through Google Chrome, which most of you should be using anyway. Navigate to the Chrome web store and look for Chrome Remote Desktop. Simply follow the video and explore the easy to install and use application.

This small little application can be used for mainly two different things. To remote into your own computer from another device or mobile phone (Android and iPhone apps available) or to request/give support to someone else. And since installation is such a breeze and doesn’t require you to mess around with Firewall/Router/Port settings, it is one of my favorites to use and instruct others to install for me to support their PC.  Now there is one other use that I have been enjoying, and that’s setting up a secure pin for all my kid’s computers and being able to see what they are doing from anywhere I go.

I simply open up my Chrome Remote Desktop app from my phone, select the computer I’ve already enrolled under my name and logins previously and connect. Now I see what they see and all they see is a tab that I have connected, prompting them to tighten their sphincters if they are doing something wrong or keep them on their toes if they even think about doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Parental controls from Microsoft also play a big role in this and are set up on every PC, but if I know kids, they’ll push their limits.

Well, that’s it for today’s post, I hope this helps you or someone you know out with being able to connect securely and with confidence to any of your PCs or simply request or give support to someone else simply by installing this light weight client and enjoying the simplicity of connecting, getting what you need done and disconnecting when you’re done, like a bad Tinder date.

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