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Here it is folks, one of the tools I live by as a technician whenever I do any of my own personal work outside my career.

If you’ve ever wanted to find the best / latest drivers but searching for them on the manufacturers website or even trying to get Windows to take drivers without issues, then you know the pain. For the longest time I have been trying to find legitimate driver tools that simply look for hardware IDs and matches them up with not only the latest, but the best drivers available.

Snappy Driver Installer Updates

Snappy Driver Installer is very much one of those programs that I was hesitant to even install on my computer due to requiring 14GB of hard drive space OR for the lite version, a torrent connection is required to download driver packs that include drivers you’ve selected. Not to mention the very generic website with what looks like stock clip-art that I would usually find on early 2000s sites trying to sell me a legitimate product not worth their asking price. But I was wrong. Design aside, the application is a must have for me.

After playing around looking for faults, there were very little I could complain about. The 14GB download had over 130gb worth of drivers after each one was unpacked as they use a 7ZIP format to keep the download footprint so small. The application also downloads an updated catalog file that once your hardware ids are detected, points the application to only grab files from the compressed files and install them without having to decompress the entire driver package. This is extremely efficient, something that I always look forward seeing in something I feel could stand up as a paid program had it not been for the crazy amount of community developed work.

The application always checks for updated catalogs and driver packs on each use and will suggest either drivers to download that only apply to your computer or all drivers that you can simply move to a 32GB thumb drive, run the executable and install all the drivers you though were up to date. This application definitely deserves a look for anyone just trying to be rid of the hassle of wondering whether the have the latest, what is missing or if they even have the best known driver regardless of age for their hardware. The setup is simple and the crazy amount of drivers covers almost every device that I have seen. As of matter of fact, I haven’t seen one computer that could not find a driver specifically for the model, version and revision it was attempting to match.

Snappy Driver Installer Screenshot

This is truly impressive and the fact that it was built from community efforts makes me support this application even more.

Find out more about Snappy Driver Installer at their official website. Also don’t forget to support them on their Patreon. This article and video was done simply because I use and support this tool as a technician and simply want to spread the knowledge. No paid review here.

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