Quick PC Tutorials – The Start Menu

Well well, you made it here from either your phone or PC, and that’s great, you have managed to navigate the interwebs. If you’re here for the beginners course, you’re in luck!

People take for granted how powerful Windows can be but also how much customization there is within the operating system. Now a lot of you might feel overwhelmed already with all of the icons, menus, windows, Oh my! But relax, it’s just an operating system and you aren’t going to break it to the point of no return. In fact, that’s the best way I learned, by breaking everything and figuring out how to put it back together again.

So let’s dive right in already and take a look at oneĀ  of Microsoft Window’s oldest feature, the Start menu. As you watch the video, take into consideration that the start menu has been around since the old days of Windows 95 and even some versions before it. There has been many different looks and feels but it ultimately did the same thing from version to version. What is interesting about the start menu is that it’s not really needed once you become a more advanced user and some even prefer to go back to the old command interface or the new Powershell interface.

What the heck is all that you ask? Never mind for now and keep that question in your back pocket as I take you through the basics in plain English and without judgement. Remember, we all started somewhere so we were newbs once. No matter how simple this might look to you, there are some, (Mom) who feel more comfortable going through the basics and understanding Windows, step by step. So here we go.

Make sure to like and share with someone you know needs help with computers and anything related, I do videos on just about anything that anyone has interest or questions with. This might just take your computer illiterate family or friend off your back from calling you over everyday and teasing you with food so you can help her make her resume. Personal experience, but to each their own.

Thanks again for watching and see you on the next one!

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