Quick PC Tutorials – Windows 10 Desktop and Start Menu

Well, who else to get me to start posting new content than my own mother. Today I bring you the basics of Windows 10 and the first of many videos regarding the beginners guide and basics of Microsoft’s latest version of Windows as well as the latest OS Version.

If you are unsure of which OS Version you are on, simply go to your Start Menu > Type down “Setttings” and then in the search area, type “About Your PC”. Scroll down to the section listed as “Windows Specifications” and you will see your OS Version.

So, as I mentioned earlier, my mom just recently purchased a new laptop. Now, my mom isn’t exactly a power user but I know she’s very well capable of handling learning something new, even at her age. Being a second generation Latino and picking up my love for computers has led me to be somewhat of an outsider in my family simply for having an interest in technology when very few typical Latino families could understand let alone afford and justify an expense for a personal computer in the early 90s. But seeing as how we’re in the late 2010s and my mom is now noticing the importance of having a digital know-how and presence, I figured it was time to help her with the skills I have, and if this ends up helping anyone else out there learn something new, then I have at least helped one more person out there.

So let’s start with the basics of the Microsoft Windows Desktop, the Start Menu and the Taskbar and how all this will become the most familiar thing to you on most Windows based systems.

I know some people take it for granted about how basic these things can be, but for someone who loves to learn new things and computers is something that interest them. The OS interface is the perfect place to start that is the simplest yet most common area a person will navigate around their computer with.

If you would like me to cover something in Windows 10 or anything computer related, please leave a comment on this post below and I will try to get that going. I work a full time job and get to do these videos on a very limited time. Usually after all my kids have had dinner and finished their homework and before my lovely wife-to-be gets home. Again, thank you for visiting the site, checking out this simple first post and video and hope to chat with you on questions you may have about computers, Windows, IT or even my personal life. Hope you enjoyed and never be afraid to ask as someone before you has done the same.

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